Discover your true POTENTIAL through clinical psychology-backed executive coaching.
We SUPPORT you to ACHIEVE your goals – providing the framework to success and encouraging a holistic sense of psychological wellbeing, for long-term positive change.
Make your mind your best ASSET, not your biggest challenge.
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Welcome to Mindset Consulting

Our MISSION is to help you overcome the challenges that hold you back from paving your way to success as a high-functioning individual.
We will EMPOWER you through psychology and neuroscience to improve your mental and emotional strength so you can always be the best version of yourself.

As a BOUTIQUE private practice we offer professionals like you specialised psychology services and tailored treatment plans.

I can delve deep into your vulnerabilities, your triggers and your personality to help you unlock your true potential as a high achiever.



Are you feeling stuck? Perhaps you need some expert support to help you shift your thinking, moods or behaviours?

At Mindset Consulting, we don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach to psychology. Every person who comes to see us is unique and as such, requires a tailored strategy when it comes to their mental health. This is why we specialise in a variety of psychological models, assessing each individual on a case by case basis to ensure positive, long-term results.

The name – Mindset Consulting – speaks to our philosophy and was chosen specifically to communicate where we come from: a place of optimism. We use a framework that focuses on the here and now, teaching you how to become mindful of the present moment, while also developing the self-awareness to see the big picture.

Our goal is to arm you with practical strategies that add value to your life while also giving you the tools to identify the triggers and patterns of behaviours that may not be serving you. Our approach is holistic and if you’re familiar with the jargon, we primarily use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Schema Therapy in conjunction with Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Narrative and Interpersonal Therapy interventions.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Every person has a different journey through therapy. Each appointment is approximately 50–60 minutes long but the number of sessions required for every individual varies and is largely dependent on the nature of the goals and issues outlined in the initial consultation. On average, people attend between six and ten sessions for a short-term or brief intervention. We provide regular reviews and feedback to keep you involved in the treatment process.

Some people work with a psychologist to develop coping strategies to reduce or manage symptoms of mental illness. This type of work can be short to medium-term, but may also require less frequent check-ups over a longer period of time to deal with any setbacks and prevent relapse.

Others engage in therapy to understand long-standing patterns of behaviour or thinking that may stem from childhood experiences, or to receive ongoing support. While this type of work typically occurs over an extended period of time, again, this is dependent on client preferences.

For others however, therapy may simply be something they engage with on a one off basis or for a small handful of sessions to deal with a specific issue or chat through a particular concern. Although a specific problem or challenge is typically what brings people to a psychologist – at least initially – therapy can be a wonderful space for ongoing growth and self-development.

No. Most people will experience stress and struggle at some point in their life, simply due to the daily demands of living. Psychologists can help with supporting you and also build better coping mechanisms in order to deal with any stress or issues you’re faced with moving forward.

At Mindset Consulting, we believe therapy is an investment towards a better life. Most services are eligible for a rebate under major health funds or Medicare. If you do not have any health subsidy entitlements, please get in touch to discuss short-term therapy options. Our solutions-focused approach to treatment means that you can still benefit during times of crisis where we provide immediate support to help you better deal with any issues you may be facing.

Every practice is different but here is a brief overview of how we tend to work at Mindset Consulting:
At the beginning of your first session, your psychologist will run through any important paperwork with you, including a consent form that covers issues such as confidentiality and fees. If you have been referred by a GP or psychiatrist, we will also discuss the details of your Mental Health Treatment Plan at this stage. The remainder of the session is spent discussing the issues that have brought you to therapy. As well as developing a thorough understanding of your concerns, your psychologist will also explore relevant details in regards to your family history, social relationships, work situation and any past counselling you may have done. This information helps to form a better understanding of what may be triggering for you and allows for deeper, more collaborative work in future therapy sessions.

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