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Find happiness from within. Discover the power of mind-body connection that transforms your mindset and creates space to be the best version of yourself.

Next retreat 30th June – 2nd July 2024

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Then Envision is perfect for you.

Challenge negative mindsets, negative beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors. Experience a body-mind correction that will help regulate your nervous system to reset and recharge.

Last look at previous Envision Wellness Retreats

Envision Guestlands May 2023

Envision Feb 2020 Berry, NSW


Dr Alegado is a leading expert in the psychology field with more than 15 years of clinical experience spanning across New Zealand and Australia. She specialises in Schema, CBT & ACT therapies across both public health and private sectors. Her diverse portfolio include clinical work within private practices expanding to the corporate markets, facilitating leadership seminars, executive coaching programmes and keynote presentations.

Throughout her extensive practice, she has seen many corporate individuals performing at high functioning, yet dysfunctional positions. It is through these exposures that Dr Alegado recognised a gap in the Australian market for a mental health programme which is both time-efficient (to suit a busy lifestyle) as well as psychologically effective. Her vision was to break the stigma that only extensive clinical treatments are effective by providing attendees with the tools to create immediate change for both the short and long-term goals.

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