Wellness Retreat | 14-16 February 2020

Create immediate breakthroughs to accelerate growth in your career, life, money and relationships.


  • ...you're trapped in self-sabotaging behaviours?
  • ...you lack connection, joy and excitement in your life?
  • ...you're burnt out, overworked with your health suffering?
  • ...successful career but can't seem to get ahead financially?


  • ....understand why you have limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviours.
  • ....we challenge negative mindsets and empower you to think differently.
  • ....learn simple tricks to improve sleep and a daily exercise routine that will give you long-term sustained health.
  • ...identify your relationship with money, and help you set up a realistic plan for growing wealth.


A blueprint of your strengths and limitations that allows you to understand how you can create your breakthroughs.

Proven tools and strategies to allow you to thrive in all aspects of your life.
Learning to tackle problems before they appear.
A rejuvenated state of well being and motivation.
Celebrate your story and connect with new people in a similar journey of change.

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More than 1 in 5 Australians will experience mental health issues at some point in their lives.

At Mindset Consulting, we see patients who have come to accept stress and anxiety as a ‘normal’ part of everyday life. If left untreated, these problems can spiral into destructive behaviours that impact your emotional and physical wellbeing, often spilling over to other aspects that hinder you from realising your full potential.

This retreat is designed to provide high functioning, time poor individuals with the skills needed to tackle stressors of everyday life across all situations. You will walk away with knowledge and proven techniques, which in conjunction with the immersive nature of the programme, allows you to gain a deeper awareness into current issues that may be consuming your psychological wellbeing.

Whether you’re a top performing CEO, or a stay at home mum, ENVISION will equip you with the tools you need to perform at your highest level.

You are never too old or too young to set
another goal or to dream a new dream

Who Should Attend Dr. Aileen's ENVISION?

You’re a smart, high-performing individual who is time poor but seeks maximal impact. You don’t need years of therapy to get results, you need an immersive experience led by experts to gain immediate results to make 2020 the best year yet.

Actioned Oriented, High-Performing Professionals

Stress is a normal part of your work week. You dance with it regularly and it drives you to perform at a consistently high-level. But you feel there could be a better way. A way that allows you to feel energised everyday, to have clarity to make important decisions, and have the reigns of your emotional responses. You want the tools to help you get to the next level and keep performing at an elite level. 

Busy Business Owners who want a non-BS approach to growth

Attention busy business owners who have a million things going on at any point. We hear you. You need strategies, tools and frameworks to overcome your barriers quickly to gain exponential growth in areas where you feel stuck. You don’t want fluff. You want results. ENVISION is the non-BS approach to transformational therapy that will deliver.

Time-poor mums & dads who never seem to have enough time for themselves

You have the most demanding job in the world. You run a tight operation, where the focus is mainly on everyone but you. You’re resigned to the fact that tiredness is a normal part of life now, wishing quietly that you could have a bit more time to reconnect to your true self. ENVISION will facilitate this healing and rejuvenating space that you’ve been asking for.


Dr Alegado is a leading expert in the psychology field with more than 10+ years of clinical experience spanning across New Zealand and Australia. She specialises in Schema, CBT & ACT therapies across both public health and private sectors. Her diverse portfolio include clinical work within private practices expanding to the corporate markets, facilitating leadership seminars, executive coaching programmes and keynote presentations.

Throughout her extensive practice, she has seen many corporate individuals performing at high functioning, yet dysfunctional positions. It is through these exposures that Dr Alegado recognised a gap in the Australian market for a mental health programme which is both time-efficient (to suit a busy lifestyle) as well as psychologically effective. Her vision was to break the stigma that only extensive clinical treatments are effective by providing attendees with the tools to create immediate change for both the short and long-term goals.

Our Experts

The Location

Located just 1.5 hours outside of Sydney, the property is set against a backdrop of rolling hilltops, overlooking a panoramic view spanning from Foxground Valley to the Pacific Ocean. Close to nature yet still within reach of the town, the grounds marvel in serenity where you can wake up to the twitter of blue wrens, busk with bunnies after breakfast or sight-see in the company of wombats, tortoises and wallabies. The estate is a short 10 minute drive to Berry, where a little village of cafes, boutiques and the local community come together at night. There are opportunities for nature walks, surfing, or horse riding beyond the gates of this luxurious villa.

The Property

This deluxe property is made up of contemporary timber and glass structures with multiple open space areas that invites you into its tranquility. Outside, four spacious decks overlook expansive views of the coastal town, furnished with lounges, a barbecue and an infinity solar heated pool to completely relax and rejuvenate your senses. Inside, luxuriously oversized bedrooms house up to 12 guests with options to share with a friend or sprawl out by yourself. Each room has its own unique view of the garden, pool or lush green paddocks stretching into the sunset.


ENVISION 2020 begins on the 14th of February. The date has been purposefully selected as a critical time where most people give up on their New Year’s Resolutions, and allow old negative patterns of behaviour settle back in.

But not this time.

In 2020, the choice to invest in yourself at a crucial point means you remain on track with your goals, and have accelerated growth in your professional and personal life with the help of a leading team of experts.

What's the Investment? Are There Payment Plans?

The investment for ENVISION 2020 begins at $1899 AUD for single twin share rooms, NOT including Medicare rebates. 

Payment plan options are available, and the team will happily talk you through your options once you register your details below.

What to expect at ENVISION

Get a sample of the impactful sessions delivered over the course of the weekend.

Contact with us

Conditioning Habits for Success

Learn about the neuroscience behind behaviour change and be able to break down the steps to achieve your target goal

Reinventing your Life

Identifying self sabotage and defeating patterns of thinking and behaviour that are limiting your potential. Based on the individual profiling, participants will learn to address vulnerabilities and change coping styles

Relationships and Encounters

Majority of people who suffer from anxiety or depression or stressed correlate with the quality of their relationships – be it at work or personal. Learning about your interpersonal relationship and attachment style will uncover blindspots and teach you how to be a more effective partner, boss, friend etc.

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Start Friday 10am
End Sunday 4pm

Starting from $1899 
single twin share rooms

“The distance between reality and dreams is called action”

Luxury accommodation 2 nights in a country estate located in Berry with all catering provided

2 x 1:1 therapy sessions with Dr Aileen

A psychological profile of vulnerabilities and coping styles using Schema Therapy 

Daily mindfulness practice or guided meditation by our expert

3 x interactive group seminar facilitated by Dr Aileen on topics aimed to empower, transform and create a plan for you to address any problem areas you have in your life

Discounted ongoing coaching sessions for follow up after the retreat

Experience alternative methods of healing through creative outlets

Keynote presentations and interactive workshops presented by our guest experts

Think about the cost of not dealing with your problems long-term. Short term, not only do you have think about your time, energy, lost opportunities and money spent on quick fixes that is wasted which all adds up! The value of this retreat collectively will be over $5K.