What clients say about Dr Aileen

Client Reviews

When I came to see Aileen, I was lost, confused and distraught given the sudden and totally unexpected breakdown of my 37 year marriage. In particular, I appreciate her commonsense approach, clear explanations of what had happened that turned my world upside down. She listened and helped me gain clarity. I was able to share many things that had hurt for a long time and discuss matters that could not be shared with family or friends.

She suggested solutions to help me accept “what is” and develop my own strategies and goals whilst being true to my beliefs and values. What stands out in my mind is Aileen’s energy, I never felt you were simply going through the process – you bought light to my dark place.
67 years retired business owner
Aileen was instrumental in helping me establish healthy boundaries in what had been to that point, a very unhealthy and detrimental situation. Aileen also provided me with many ‘lightbulb’ moments which enabled me to identify and analyse some behaviours that formed in early childhood and allowed me to assess whether those behaviours truly served me in adulthood, which stimulated further growth, introspection and self-love. I can honestly say without the help she gave me, in a safe and supportive environment, I wouldn’t be functioning in such fine fettle as I am now
44, Business support specialist
I have been seeing Aileen now for almost two years, and cannot recommend her highly enough. She is respectful, insightful and supportive, and her style makes you feel instantly at ease and comfortable to talk about anything. She gets to the bottom of issues you may be struggling with, and provides real-world help and solutions. If you are thinking of getting counseling to help work through difficult times, you should certainly book an appointment with Aileen - you won't regret it
31, lawyer
My experience in therapy with Aileen was wonderful. She is empathetic, compassionate and switched-on. She helped me develop the techniques and skills to build emotional resilience, see difficult situations with more clarity and accept the challenges life throws at me. Aileen never uses a one size fits all approach - she always carefully considered my specific situation and provided insights and solutions that really worked for me. I think most importantly, Aileen made me feel heard and understood.

Aileen ultimately helped me to realise that anxiety and negative emotions are a part of any normal life, and in order to be content, I had to change my responses to those feelings and the habits I had formed around them. Aileen showed me that instead of fearing anxiety, failure or sadness, I could embrace them for what they were and work towards a balanced life.

I developed many meaningful skills during my time with Aileen, and I carry them with me every day
24, Lawyer
Aileen is fantastic! She's easy-going, caring and non-judgmental. But most importantly, she listens and is able to pinpoint areas of your life and thinking that need improvement. She follows up on what you've been working on and I feel like I make progress every time I see her. I would definitely recommend her to anyone seeking support and improvement
28, public servant.
Aileen came highly recommended from a friend, yet somehow still managed to exceed all expectations! She is incredibly genuine, relatable, very friendly and a fantastic listener with a unique ability to decipher and interpret the core issues within even the most incoherent of ramblings and articulately present a range of practical solutions.. She's generous with her time and shows great care for her clients, even regularly commuting interstate for the day to Melbourne to ensure her clients could continue seeing her after relocating to Sydney
I was fortunate to hear Dr. Aileen speak at a business club on the topic of the Imposter Syndrome. Aileen was dynamic and personable. Her presentation had a great balance between presenting the facts, personal anecdotes, humour and audience participation
55 education professional
I was lucky enough to hear Aileen speak earlier this year on the Imposter Syndrome. Not only is Aileen an unbelievable speaker but she has an amazing ability to connect and empathise with everybody she engages with. I highly recommend working with Aileen for anyone who gets the opportunity. Not only is she a great business person but an amazing individual as well
club manager