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Walk N Talk Sessions

Part of one’s therapeutic journey to change includes the addition of positive lifestyle habits which create energy and motivation.

Of course, the benefits of exercise and physical activity to improve mood has been well documented. Being outdoors in the sunshine gives you Vitamin D, exercise releases endorphins, brisk walking and fresh air improves circulation of oxygen around your mind and body.

Walk n Talk sessions provide a holistic approach to mental, physical and emotional shifts outside of the therapy room. Clients come to sessions with comfortable shoes and a bottle of water. Walks vary in intensity depending on the client’s preference and last the normal therapy session of 50 minutes to an hour.

The Fine Print

The same confidentiality rules apply during a Walk n Talk session as in a normal therapy session, however, there are some limitations with this being out in a public area which your psychologist will discuss with you prior to starting. Walk n Talk sessions are offered at times when Hyde Park is less busy. Walk n Talk sessions may not be necessary with everyone for various reasons but we will be happy to discuss this with you if you’re interested. Walk n Talk sessions are weather dependent and may be subject to rescheduling or change in venue.

Call us today for a walk and talk session and get moving!