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Seminar / Workshop Facilitation

Our psychologists are multi-talented (yes they are!) and are very experienced in public speaking and delivering seminars and workshops which are designed to be psychoeducational, inspirational, and empowering.

Our seminars and workshops focus on enhanced performance, productivity, mental health, and wellbeing in the workplace are tailored so individuals and organisations alike can function more effectively.

Topics are based on the concepts and models of psychology, and focus on learning and giving you practical, fun, and interactive tools in a group setting. Previous presentations have included:

  1. Woking with different personalities in the workplace
  2. Managing Stress, Anxiety and Building confidence.
  3. Healthy Relationships: Healthy Boundaries
  4. Walking away from Self Sabotage
  5. The rocking chair of over-analysis paralysis
  6. Perpetual Dissatisfaction: When perfect isn’t good enough?