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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many sessions will I need to commit to?
The number of sessions for each individual will vary depending on the type of issues, severity of the problem/s and the goals negotiated during your first session. On average, people attend between 6-10 sessions for short term/ brief intervention. There is often regular review and feedback which will keep you involved in the treatment process.
2. Do I need a mental health diagnosis to see a psychologist?
No. Most people at some stage of their life experience stress and struggle relating to the daily demands of living. Psychologists can help with supporting you and also build better coping mechanisms in order to deal with any stress or transitional issues.
3. Isn’t counselling expensive and what if I can’t afford it?
We like to think of therapy as a investment towards a better life. Think about the losses you are accumulating by having these difficulties in your life. Most services are rebateable under major health funds or Medicare. If you do not have health subsidy entitlements, we may be able to discuss short term therapy. Our solutions focussed approach to treatment means that you could still benefit in attending at times of crisis and we could provide immediate help with the current problems you’re facing.