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When life is all about work, it can feel like a bit of a rat race. But have you ever returned to work after a holiday to find you’re not as rejuvenated as you hoped to be?

By using psychology concepts which improve wellbeing and awareness of self in a positive manner and combining them with yoga, exercise, meditation, and fun group activities, our wellbeing retreats transform your time off into a new lease on life, helping you to reset and get your energy back.

Note: Corporate retreats emphasise leadership, relationship building, and developing high performing teams.

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Upcoming Events

Sunday Sesh Event

Sunday 12th
November 2017
10am - 4pm
24 York St, Sydney

Join us for a 1 day urban retreat of self-mastery & fun-times. Skill up, get wise & treat yourself. Get self-aware, focused & skillful. Create a life you're proud of with knowledge, mindfulness & yoga. Bring your friends or make some on the day. This is real wellness!

Bookings essential
* Places are limited, so be sure to book early to secure your precious spot.

What to expect

  • Learn about & practice the superpower mindfulness.
  • Get to know the core beliefs that influence your perceptions, interpretations & behaviours.
  • Enjoy a yummy packed lunch to be enjoyed anywhere you please.
  • Through a little group work, learn from each other how to embody your chosen version of you.
  • Sweat away your hangover, find your flow & groove your way into the week ahead with a house music vinyasa class.
  • Stay back for your free drink at the after party (dinner prep can wait).

Nb: There will be house music, laughs, lessons, delish food, friends to find & funtimes to be had.

What to bring along

Dress up in your fav yoga gear (brights & unicorn print highly recommended). Bring along something warm to cozy up in while learning.

Don’t forget your willingness to embrace your imperfections, create a mindset that works for you & just enjoy yourself.

Please email for further information, a program & to reserve your spot.

Email: hello@ataraxiacollective.com.au Mobile: 0478030117 www.ataraxiacollective.com.au

Hosts: Dr Susannah Ward & Dr Aileen Alegado